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One Sentimental Christmas.

I’m going to be a bit personal in this one. It might be the end of the year, winter season or just the life events and changes I'm currently going through but I rather feel a bit sentimental and nostalgic lately. Even my dog stays in his bed all day long. Yes, moving places especially countries is tough. It's a completely new lifestyle, rules and custom one needs to adjust.

So here I am — back in my motherland dear Czechia. It’s lovely and I’m really grateful I moved back home. I reunited with my long term friends and started to make new ones which is exciting! However, there are some negative aspects too. I felt a bit overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted finding my new place, having had some impact on my health and wellbeing lately. It's a huge change after all, and I know I have recently written an article about self-care so here we are.

I must say I’m quite an emotional person deeply connected with my surroundings. Although, I can often get mixed feelings meaning that one time I can be full of ambition and strength, and the other I feel weak and powerless. Luckily nothing is permanent and I’m glad it keeps changing as it constantly challenges my recognition of self. Acknowledging our thoughts, feelings and emotions improves our reflection and allows the personal growth. Little by little.

Everything happens for a reason I believe. According to A. Hicks, an inspirational speaker and author, all things in our life are happening in a perfect order. For example, my current health issues caused by self-care neglect led me to visit my new GP last week. And guess what happened? I have never experienced such a pleasant GP visit in my life. Honestly! She was genuinely interested in what I do and supportive of entire herbal medicine that I have left her practice with a new empowerment, self-believe and motivation. Such little thing made a huge impact on myself. Each experience opens the door to a new opportunity. And another little step forward to where I want to be — empower you in your own healing!

My message this time is very simple: take care of yourself, listen to others, support and respect each other, make a compliment, give hugs, be polite and smile, open your heart, eat cakes, dream big, and be happy and grateful what you currently have. You are all beautiful human beings!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of joy, peace and happiness with your loved ones. And for the New Year 2020? Follow your dreams and let them come true, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic!

Love and hugs.


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